Cinema Katwolderplein Zwolle

In the vicinity of Zwolle's city center, on the newly developed Katwolderplein, a new cinema has been established to meet the demands of the contemporary audience.




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Zwolle has recently opened a new cinema at the periphery of the city center, on the newly developed Katwolderplein. This state-of-the-art facility, known as Pathé Zwolle, has been designed to cater to the preferences of the contemporary cinema-goer. Pathé Zwolle boasts nine auditoriums, with a total seating capacity of approximately 1,500, and offers ample parking facilities within a spacious parking garage. The entire complex, including the auditoriums, is wheelchair-accessible. The cinema is equipped with top-notch visual technology, featuring a 21.9 Cinemascope aspect ratio and 4K projection for an unparalleled viewing experience.

Two auditoriums are equipped with the revolutionary Dolby Atmos sound system, which delivers sound from all directions, providing an immersive experience that can even be felt. Special attention was given to comfort during the design process, resulting in perfect projection lines and climate control within the cinema. Several auditoriums are equipped with event facilities suitable for presentations and conferences, making Pathé Zwolle an excellent choice for corporate events.

Management and Site Supervision
In September 2016, the 1,750 square meter shell of the building was completed, with RYSE acting as the overseeing authority and project manager. These responsibilities were carried out in conjunction with the coordination and execution of the parking garage, public areas, and the interior finishing work for Pathé Theatres.