Area development Feyenoord City

RYSE is door StiGaM gevraagd om onderdeel van het team te worden die deze (gebieds)ontwikkelingen voor elkaar moet krijgen.




Area development


After the decision was made in October 2022 that there will be no new stadium for Feyenoord, the Maas Area Development Foundation (StiGaM) continued with the development of Feyenoord City 2.0. Feyenoord City represents a significant boost for South Rotterdam, creating a green, sustainable, and future-proof urban environment that caters to all its residents and visitors.

In collaboration with the Municipality of Rotterdam, StiGaM is preparing project development plans for various plots. These plans enable developments on the Colosseumwegplot, Mallegatplot, and Rosestraatplot. On the Waterkant, which was previously reserved for the stadium, a mixed program including residential construction is now envisaged. A urban development ambition document is currently under development, followed by the initiation of an Environmental Plan. Additionally, Feyenoord City aims to have a significant social and community impact. At present, spaces within the area have been made available to social entrepreneurs.

RYSE, having previously been involved in the stadium development, has been invited by StiGaM to join the team responsible for achieving these (area) developments. Initially, this pertains to the Colosseumwegplot, the Rosestraatplot, and the market strategy for the Waterkant. RYSE's area developers are engaged in tasks such as zoning procedures, design processes, the formulation of energy and development strategies, and ensuring flexible collaboration with the relevant stakeholders.

Images: OMA, LOLA Landscape Architects, EFFEKT Architects