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Waelpolder is a part of the Waelpark area development.


Het Nieuwe Westland


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Waelpolder is a part of the Waelpark area development. The plans for this area are still under active development, but one aspect remains constant: it will become a green and water-rich residential area. This ecologically lush zone, abundant with water and nature, will serve as the connecting link between the Rijnvaart and Dijckerwaal neighborhoods.

Waelpark is situated in close proximity to the historic town center of 's-Gravenzande. In this area, approximately 720 homes, an elementary school (Waelcampus), and various other community facilities will be established.

In 2020, the Westland municipality received a national grant called the Housing Impulse Subsidy, aimed at accelerating housing construction and adding more affordable homes to the housing inventory. Thanks to this subsidy, the plan has been expanded from 600 to 720 residences.

RYSE is responsible for the process and project management of this project on behalf of the Development Company the New Westland (ONW). This includes tasks such as handling subsidy applications, managing zoning plan procedures, marketing ready-to-build land to developers and plots to self-builders, overseeing the development and preparation of the various lands for construction and habitation, and shaping and furnishing public spaces, including cycling and walking paths, green areas, roads, and water features.

Citizen participation and Waelpolder are intrinsically linked! This neighborhood is being developed for and by its future residents, with space for unique housing concepts surrounded by water and greenery.
Johan Slob