Development Campus Sloterdijk

Development of accommodation for various government services.




Area development Process management


The Central Government Real Estate Agency (RvB) is diligently working on the development of Campus Sloterdijk, which includes the buildings De Knoop, The Spark, and Gatwick. These office spaces will provide accommodation for various government services.


The property at Gatwickstraat 1 was acquired by RvB in 2020 with the intention of undergoing a high-quality redevelopment, after which RvB services will occupy it. The objective is not only to facilitate RvB's primary processes but also to create a positive and sustainable impact on the surroundings. To achieve this, the building is being completely stripped down to its concrete shell and expanded from 16,000 sqm to 40,000 sqm Gross Floor Area (GFA).

Tower Ten, the new tower of WTC Amsterdam, comprises of 32,000 m2 of office space spread over 22 floors. The existing 17,000 m2 tower at the corner of Strawinskylaan/Beethovenlaan will also be completely renovated. Offices and facilities have been added according to the current WTC concept. Tower Ten has received the BREEAM-NL certificate for the design.


In 2019, The Spark underwent renovations to temporarily house the European Medicines Agency (EMA), but after RvB's acquisition, it is now largely vacant. The project focuses on defining an interior package for the application of the Government Housing Concept, providing housing for the Tax and Customs Administration.

RYSE is serving as the technical process manager for both the Gatwick and The Spark projects. During the initial phases of the projects, RvB is guided in translating the client's requirements into market demands. RYSE's role for both projects involves delivering advisory products such as a building scan, diagnostic report, definition document, demand specification, and technically overseeing the procurement process. Additionally, RYSE holds primary responsibility for achieving and maintaining appropriate quality throughout the various project phases.