Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate plays a crucial role in both our economy and society. Not only is it an important engine for economic growth, but because it is demand-driven, it responds to current needs in society. Commercial real estate creates space for living, working and recreation. But it goes beyond that; the impact of new functions, to heighten the experience, is often an essential part in the urban development and revitalisation of an area. It creates pleasant destinations for both business and leisure activities, making areas more attractive to residents, visitors and investors.

Due to market-oriented investment decisions, the commercial property market is constantly changing. The changed sentiment in the housing market is a good example of this. Regulatory changes, rising (mortgage) interest rates, fluctuating energy prices and declining purchasing power are having a depressing effect. However, the underlying demand for housing from individuals, investors and corporations hasn’t gone away, and the market is looking for new solutions. A similar trend can be seen in the repurposing of vacant office and retail properties, as well as in maintaining or improving the quality of city centres and (residential) areas. The search for more sustainable solutions is also an important driver of innovation in this market segment, such as circular buildings, timber construction and prefabrication.

In this dynamic market, we unburden our clients during the realisation of their plans, from the very first idea to the grand opening. We bridge the gap between ambition and results, whether it concerns housing, area developments, offices, distribution centres, hotels, mixed-use buildings or shops. Together, we find the best solutions that add value to the location, in terms of sustainability, quality and profitability. Whether it’s a new construction, transformation or renovation, we find the ideal solution that perfectly aligns ambition and feasibility. We do this primarily with our expertise, experience and an unwavering will to succeed and achieve visible results.

At RYSE, our team focuses on your interests and speaks your language, because we are convinced that these are important preconditions for success. Our team of (area) developers, advisers, project managers and construction managers help you make decisions with an eye for your interests and the (commercial) added value in both the short and long term. We are involved in leading projects in commercial real estate and never lose sight of the team, risks, finances, quality and progress. Through thorough analyses and smart solutions, we achieve tangible results for our clients.

For more information about our services and the way in which we do this, please refer to (links) Strategy & Advice, Development & Preparation and Realisation & Management.

 On behalf of our clients, we are involved in the (re)development of:

  • Area developments

  • Offices

  • Retail

  • Housing

  • Leisure and hotels

  • Distribution centres

  • Mix-use buildings

Our Track Record in Commercial Real Estate