Healthcare real estate

The Dutch healthcare sector plays a significant role in both the national economy and the promotion of a healthy society. The healthcare real estate required for this encompasses all buildings and facilities used for providing high-quality care. Whether it’s hospitals, clinics, nursing and care homes, housing for people with disabilities or medical practices, the right healthcare real estate supports the primary process of providing the very best possible healthcare. 

Changes in the healthcare landscape, with an increasing emphasis on prevention, self-diagnosis, outpatient care, care at home, and rapid developments in the medical technology sector have an impact on the demand for healthcare real estate. These changes compel our clients to make sharp choices in terms of healthcare provision, housing and real estate. In this new era, new approaches are needed to achieve success. Close collaboration between care provision and the functionality of the real estate is essential, both in the short and long term.

Innovation is therefore central to our team of specialists. We seek opportunities for value creation throughout the entire lifecycle of your projects. We analyse and advise based on data and use the latest tools and technologies. We integrate digital solutions and advanced analytics into all our activities. We also focus on sustainable operational efficiency in our recommendations and projects.

Our style of collaboration goes beyond a partnership: we are clear about what is and isn’t possible. We have in-depth knowledge of legislation, financing, funding and the wider healthcare real estate market. Moreover, we have the executional power needed to turn this knowledge into tangible projects and results. Whether that’s realising new construction projects or redeveloping existing healthcare real estate. We are ready to turn your plans into reality and successfully implement them from the initial idea to final realisation.

We work daily on drawing up strategic real estate plans, calculating financial business cases, conducting feasibility studies and entire project and construction management. We’re happy to help you create healthcare real estate that is in line with this new era for the healthcare sector.

Our sectors:

  • Primary care, such as GP practices and dental practices

  • Hospitals and laboratories

  • Mental healthcare

  • Elderly care

  • Disability care

  • Youth care

Our Track Record in Healthcare Real Estate