Public Real Estate

Every public entity in the Netherlands has its own social real estate challenge. Whether it’s about making property portfolios more sustainable, accelerating housing construction, providing administrative housing or realising a public building. The focus is always on the needs and values of society and contributing to an inclusive and liveable environment. The level of facilities in the Netherlands has been under pressure for some time, while their relevance in today's society has never been greater. Higher ambitions with regard to sustainability and accessibility must be fulfilled with fewer and fewer resources.

The housing construction challenge has an entirely different dynamic. The task for the coming years is substantial and acceleration is necessary! However, here too, the requirement and wishes are piling up in a retracting market. The introduction of the Environment and Planning Act means that properly organised participation and input is a must. All this requires entrepreneurship and creativity to translate market opportunities and collaboration possibilities into well-supported plans with social added value.

We are your partner with a proven track record in the market. The experience gained with the aforementioned challenges, along with our passion and dedication, helps us turn your policy and political ambitions into concrete and feasible solutions. We support these solutions with our up-to-date knowledge of financial know-how, circular construction, collaboration models, and area and project development. We know what’s needed to manage social and political support. We ensure that plans get off the ground and become reality.

For our services in public real estate and how we approach this, please refer to (link) Strategy & Advice, Development & Preparation and Realisation & Management.

The sectors in which we operate include:

  • Cultural real estate

  • Housing (acceleration)

  • Police and fire stations

  • Transformation assignments

  • Sports facilities

  • Energy transition & mobility

  • Municipal real estate

  • Participation and Environment Act

  • Provincial buildings

  • Government real estate/Defence

Our Track Record in Public Real Estate