Development & Preparation

You have made the decision to start a real estate project, the dot on the horizon has been set to realise your ambitions. Now, the question arises of how to bring this project to fruition, when (re)developing real estate projects is such a challenging task. Not only the regulations and technical aspects, but also the multitude of interests and the human factor, which is essential in this phase. It remains an art to make the steps of the development process transparent so that you, regardless of your background in real estate, can follow the process and have an influence on it.

In each project, the questions of feasibility, usability, permitability, and achievability need to be answered. These answers, combined with well-thought-out communication to the various stakeholders, are crucial to arriving at a finished design. We make the development process transparent and predictable. You can rely on us to take the lead as the design team's driving force during this phase, with the goal of achieving a widely supported design. In addition, we act as liaison with the municipality to obtain the necessary (RO) permits, and at the same time, we are also your sparring partner. We prepare your decisions with advice, choices and scenarios in order to make well-considered decisions and oversee the whole picture.

As far as we’re concerned, steering towards the objectives in terms of money, risk, organisation, time, information, and quality (GROTIK), is a minimum requirement. We believe that managing projects is ultimately about people. Gaining support ensures a smooth process where there must always be a balance between design, usage, costs and (sometimes) income in relation to time. Our working method includes putting ourselves in your situation and fully understanding your interests, so that we can implement them as much as possible in the (re)development task.


Of course, effective project management requires the right knowledge and expertise. We are very much at home in the world of development and project management, with a proven track record. Our people have the right skills to help you in the full breadth of your challenges. We’re not a factory for producing reports nor fee burners. Instead, we provide advice that gets projects off the ground. Our advisory style is more than a partnership; we’re clear about what is and isn’t possible. We never pass on the so-called “hot potatoes”, we grab them with both hands to prevent you from having to take backwards steps later in the process. So no stories with “rose-tinted glasses”, just realistic and feasible solutions.


Our involvement doesn’t have to stop with these services. Our Realisation & Control service ensures that we are there for you from the initial idea to realisation, making what has been conceived a reality.

Our services in the Development & Preparation phase include:

  • Development management

  • Process management

  • Project management

  • Program management

  • Area development

  • Tender and procurement management

  • Risk management and planning

  • Environment management

  • Program of Requirements

  • Due Diligence                                

  • Second opinion


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