Zuidasdok – Amsterdam




Realisation & Control Contract management

Zuidasdok is one of the largest infrastructure projects in our country. The project aims to improve the accessibility of Amsterdam and the northern part of the Randstad region by public transport and road. One of the key elements being addressed is Amsterdam Zuid Station. It’s one of the fastest-growing stations in the Netherlands and is on track to become the second-largest station in Amsterdam. The station is being expanded to accommodate the current and increasing number of passengers.

In the central area of Zuidas, the A10 South motorway will be partially underground. By constructing two tunnels, more space will be available above ground. Between the Amstel and De Nieuwe Meer interchanges, the highway will be widened from four to six lanes. Simultaneously, these interchanges will be redesigned. The space created by tunnelling the A10 will be utilised to create a completely new station, a public transport terminal, and a newly designed, green station area.

The role of RYSE

ProRail and Ingenieursbureau Zuidasdok (IBZ) approached RYSE for support during the implementation of the Zuidasdok project, to oversee the already awarded and/or ongoing construction contracts. We will be responsible for contract management on behalf of ProRail throughout the construction period.